The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding achievement in the mining industry, celebrates individual leadership and aims to inspire future generations in mining.


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#FeatureFriday: Roman Shklanka has strengthened the prestige of Canada’s #mining industry through his geological ex…
19 July 2019
#TBT: Watch our first Member’s Minute video with CMHF Director & Master of Ceremonies Anthony Vaccaro:
18 July 2019
2018 #CMHF Inductee Ross Beaty joins the Resource Insider Podcast to talk about his success discovering and buildin…
16 July 2019
#FeatureFriday: Victor Wansbrough served Canada’s metals and mining industry for more than 20 years as the first fu…
12 July 2019
#TBT: @cbcmarkus of CBC @MorningNorth takes a look at the legacy of #CMHF Inductee Bill James.
11 July 2019
Jay. C. Kellerman writes about “Crazy Ideas” in the #mining sector, including some made by our very own #CMHF Induc…
09 July 2019
Laird earned a reputation for overcoming obstacles and delivering projects to high technical, social and environmen…
05 July 2019
#FeatureFriday: Earlier this year, the #CMHF welcomed Sandy Laird into the Hall. Laird was involved in transforming…
05 July 2019
#TBT: 2012 Inductee Ned Goodman and 2018 Inductee Terry MacGibbon were honoured at @LaurentianU’s Spring Convocatio…
04 July 2019
“It’s no secret that Canada is a leader in mining throughout the world.” #CMHF Director & Master of Ceremonies Anth…
02 July 2019