The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding achievement in the mining industry, celebrates individual leadership and aims to inspire future generations in mining.


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#FeatureFriday: Roman Shklanka’s geological prowess, economics training and ability to process huge amounts of data…
20 September 2019
#TBT: In 2014, we welcomed the brilliant Kate Rice into the CMHF. “No woman needs to hesitate about entering the mi…
19 September 2019
Did you know you can visit the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame at one of our interactive exhibits, located at the…
18 September 2019
#FeatureFriday: Kulan’s contributions extended beyond his beloved Yukon and set a fine example for the industry.
13 September 2019
#FeatureFriday: Inducted in 2005, Alan Kulan was credited with the discovery of several sizeable lead-zinc-silver d…
13 September 2019
#TBT: Watch the special edition of The @NorthernMiner Hall of Fame Series featuring our member Bernard Michel.
12 September 2019
Over 30 years ago, the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame was established to celebrate the individual leaders among us. F…
10 September 2019
#FeatureFriday: Inducted in 2001, Marsh Cooper’s contribution to mining continued after his retirement. He continue…
06 September 2019
Read @NorthOntarioBiz’s profile of 2019 Inductee Dr. James Franklin, who is an adjunct professor at @laurentianu an…
03 September 2019
#FeatureFriday: Inducted in 1995, Egil Lorntzsen was prompted to pursue a prospecting career due the scarcity of jo…
30 August 2019