The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding achievement in the mining industry, celebrates individual leadership and aims to inspire future generations in mining.


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#FeatureFriday: “To be a successful mine finder,” he said, “one must have determination, knowledge, tenacity, a rug…
23 August 2019
#FeatureFriday: Inducted in 1989, Thayer Lindsley has been described as the greatest mine finder of all time.
23 August 2019
#TBT: Nice click of our incoming MC Anthony Vaccaro along with the esteemed Pierre Lassonde, who led our Induction…
22 August 2019
James Kwantes writes about the Klondike Gold Rush through 12 exciting stories, including The Discovery story about…
20 August 2019
#FeatureFriday: He is also remembered as a man of sterling character, “who loved science for its own sake, and the…
16 August 2019
#FeatureFriday: Willet Green Miller was an important figure in the mining industry. Miller’s place in Canadian mini…
16 August 2019
#TBT: At the 2019 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium, our CMHF Member Ross Beaty shared some thoughts on what makes…
15 August 2019
#ICYMI: In our Member’s Minute video, Jim Gill gave valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Catch up on the whol…
13 August 2019
#FeatureFriday: Dufresne was responsible for the training of Quebec’s first mining, geological and metallurgical en…
09 August 2019
#FeatureFriday: Inducted in 1992, A.O. Dufresne devoted his 45-year professional career to Quebec’s department of mines.
09 August 2019