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Ticket sales for the 28th Annual Canadian Mining Hall of Fame Induction Dinner will open the week of October 5th, 2015. The 2016 dinner will be held on Thursday, January 14th at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

The high standard of living enjoyed by Canadians today stems in large part from the development of rich natural resources - agriculture, forest and minerals. Canada has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, and also has been very fortunate to have people with the ability to convert these resources from potential assets into useful products at a price others are willing to pay.

The conversion of potential to actual wealth does not come easily, but is based on hard work, determination, skill, and some luck.

The story of mining in Canada can be told in part by describing some of the accomplishments of leaders in the industry. The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of over 160 people, but it must be emphasized that hundreds of thousands of people have contributed to the success of today’s mining industry.

For the convenience of those who want to learn more about Canada’s mining industry, we have included a page called The Canadian Mining Industry, and additionally there are links to other mining-related web sites on the Members and Associates page.

Richard Valentine Porritt

Richard Valentine Porritt was the man who set the pace and style that marked a "Noranda man" - tough and fast-moving. In the early spring of 1926, four years after the company was formed, he walked into the Rouyn, Que., camp from Cheminis, Que., to work as a surveyor at the Home mine. During his 48 years with Noranda, he brought the Waite-Amulet mine near Rouyn into production in 1927 and was general manager of Noranda subsidiary Gaspe Copper Mines during the development and startup in 1955 of the Gaspe copper mine in eastern Quebec. He became president of Noranda in 1964 and vice-chairman in 1968 before retiring in 1974.... Read the full bio

Canadian Mining Hall of Fame Traveling Exhibit

The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame can also now make available a new traveling exhibit to entertain and educate your visitors about the mining industry in Canada and its luminaries. Featuring text in English and French, the exhibit is designed for easy installation in venues of all types. Read More.

Annual CMHF Induction Dinner

Thursday, January 14, 2016
Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Toronto, ON Read more